Due to the current Corona Virus pandemic we have cancelled all public functions at Anerley Town Hall until further notice.

When future government / public health guidelines indicate that such events can recommence we will reinstate them from that time.

However so that we can all plan ahead, and in view of the information currently available about social distancing and the need for everyone to play their part, we have taken the position that events booked for dates prior to 21st June 2021, will not be able to go ahead.

In light of this, and in consideration of your existing event booking, we are offering you one of the following:

  • A new agreed date, subject to availability, holding onto the monies paid so far, that will act as a transferable deposit.
  • A full refund on any monies paid for booked events due to take place before 21st June 2021 should you not wish/be able to agree a new date.

We will continually review this information and update it as and when appropriate