Our vision:
To create a thriving community where every individual has the opportunity to achieve their potential.

Our mission:
To provide a range of accessible, affordable services and activities which benefit the local Community; support economic and social well-being and contribute to the overall regeneration of local neighbourhoods.

Our values & guiding principles:

  • To remain rooted within the local community
  • To be inclusive, representing the diverse, cultures and age groups in our communities
  • To support small, local initiatives, rather than larger, regional or national ones
  • To develop sustainable initiatives

Like many other geographically focused charities in the UK, we aim to help empower local people and bring about improvements to their neighbourhoods and their quality of life.

Anerley Town Hall is our centre of operations. We host a business centre and a variety of clubs for young and old community members. We also assist the local community by supporting projects and hosting support events within the Hall.

Our Strategic Plan:

We are at an important and exciting time for Crystal Palace Community Trust. As we continue to provide increasing value to our community, now is the right time to reflect, consolidate and re-affirm our mission, vision and values going forward.

Our Strategic Plan lays out our ambition for the future of the Trust. It is to be used to focus our energy and resources, inspire our community and inform our stakeholders.

This document is a statement of intent that we will refer to when delivering projects, allocating resources, fundraising and reviewing our work. It sets out what we are going to do, how we are going to do it and why.

Read our Strategic Plan here

Youth Club members
Eagles club for over 50s

CPCT has developed several different community projects, including but not limited to:

  • Managing the Anerley Business Centre and Halls in Anerley, Bromley, to provide support for small businesses, as well as activities for people of all ages.
  • Youth activities, including a youth club for children aged 8-16 and art classes for children aged 8 to 18 years.
  • Activities for the elderly, as well as learning and employment support.
This map illustrates the area that the CPCT works within. The wards are split across 5 Boroughs which are denoted by the different colours.

Provision of affordable and discounted space for projects which work to benefit the local community

In line with our ethos of supporting local charities, community groups and public bodies which work to benefit people's lives, we provide several organisations with affordable space to run their sessions. Whether the focus is advice, development, rehabilitation or simply social activities, we believe that our contributions hold considerable value in the local community.

We offer space to the following organisations: