How you join in: The club will be online on Zoom.

What to do if you want to know more: If you’re interested to be part of the club then email or call Norman Murray and he will send you the zoom link.

What to do if you want to know about Zoom: We have a gentleman called Casper who works with people to help them with online technology. If you call Norman he will introduce you to Casper.

What to Expect: Honestly it’s our first time too but we hope that the club will talk about a varied mix of TV and Radio to keep it fresh. Expect to maybe watch some programmes you may not usually watch.

What do you need to do: Nothing more than watch a load of TV and Radio. A week before the club starts Norman will send you out a watch list of TV shows to watch before we meet. When we get started we will decide together what we want to watch going forward.

When does it finish: The plan is to keep going.

Who is it for: The aim is to give older people in isolation a digital place to meet. We do however understand that more people will be homebound and may want to join. It’s important that if you’re alone at home you call us.

Contact Details:
Norman Murray
075 8122 4675

Get in touch

075 8122 4675