A fun way to practice using a Smart Phone for beginners or to build confidence if you would like to know more!

Are you new to using a smartphone?

Were you given one over lockdown or for Christmas and haven’t got to grips with it yet?

Do you find that people go too fast when they are trying to show you something?

Our Mobile Phone Boot Camps are a fun, informal way of learning useful and practical things with your mobile phone in small groups.

We have developed a fun format where we can all learn something new, share experiences and meet friends.

Best of all, we can start to feel confident with something that feels complicated and feel good about ourselves!

Each session, there will be a variety of activities to try depending on the number of people and the activities that people want to try.

Over a typical session, you may get to try two or three activities and share what you have learned over a cup of tea.

Practice is the key to learning and we make this fun!

For further information, call or email ClearCommunityWeb using the below contact details.

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