This course is designed to help you learn how to use your own laptop or computer better, to be able to update it, manage it, install software and troubleshoot problems for yourself.

What we cover

Through-out the course you will complete an audit of your own computer and make sure it is safe.

You will feel more confident in using your computer and learning so useful tips and tricks.

This course is open to anyone eager to learn how to use and maintain their own computer better. But you are not expected to be an advanced learner. The aim of the course is to fill in some gaps, be a useful refresher and build confidence.

  • Getting to know your computer
    We start by getting to know the control panel, system information and getting settings just right for you.
  • Downloading and installing applications
    Building confidence to download useful (and free) software, completing an audit and clearing up disk space.
  • Troubleshooting
    How to research and solve problems for yourself.
  • Maintaining your computer Learn how to check for and run critical updates to your computer and keeping things up to date.
  • Safety and security
    Learning how to secure your laptop, check for viruses and ensuring you are safe and staying safe.

Induction & Assessment:

There will be a full induction before the course starts to ensure you have all that you need, you know the support that is available and that the course is suitable for you.

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