Crystal Palace Community Trust and Kingswood Community Shop have partnered with local social enterprise ClearCommunityWeb to provide an 8 week program to help develop the digital skills in the local community.

There will be a range of practice session for those new to using Zoom, some broader discussion, and workshops to help people be safer on the internet, to improve their employability skills online and to understanding privacy and security better and finally some drop-in technical support sessions to get question answered and, hopefully, problems solved.

We will also be signposting residents to other local classes & support services, and we welcome learners from other groups who want to build some confidence to get more out of their favourite activity – be it a book group, chair based exercise class or even a bereavement service.

It been a tough year, and now is the time to fill in some of those gaps in knowledge and build some confidence.

Wednesday afternoons are the place to be!

Please pass this on to other groups, neighbours and friends who may benefit.

Digital Life Skills

We have design 4 bi-weekly workshops to help residents feel more in control about the safety of their computers, can keep family safer and to showcase some tools to help them improve their employability and access to learning.

Feel free to drop in to the session that are useful to you!

The first session will be:

‘Staying Safe Online’ - An overview of the some of the common risks and how to overcome them with examples and practical advice. We will cover keeping your device up to date, antivirus, being smart online, common scams, email scams and password security.

How to sign up: Visit or Eventbrite

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