Digital Horizons is our introductory programme designed to help you learn how to use a tablet or iPad to access the internet for the first time or to brush up on some of the basics.

What we cover

  • Getting to know your tablet. Part 1
    Overview in navigating a tablet, touch screen, keyboard and accessibility settings.
  • Getting to know your tablet. Part 2
    Extending our learning from week 1, using recognition and introducing notes.
  • Using Applications
    A tour of the different applications (apps) on a tablet, what they do and downloading new ones.
  • Searching the Internet
    Using a web browser, searching for information, and saving bookmarks.
  • Using Email
    How to access your mailbox, sending and replying to your email and adding accounts.
  • Watching Videos
    In introduction to YouTube, how to search for videos of personal or cultural interest and key features.
  • Taking Photos
    A basic introduction in how to use the camera, view photos and organize files.
  • Getting Directions
    Using Maps to search for directions and learn about your local area.

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