Friendly & informal help with your laptop, tablet or mobile phone!

Digital drop-ins delivered by ClearCommunityWeb, provide a friendly space to get questions answered or problems solved for your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

You can also practice in a supported environment and get access to other local learning programmes.

We understand that for many people technology can be overwhelming and so, making information as simple as possible can go a long way to giving people the confidence to become more independent in an informal setting.

These sessions are a chance for you to drop in with your device, sit down with a member of our team to get help with a single issue or develop your skills.

Typical things we help with include:

  • Setting up accounts
  • Installing apps
  • Resetting passwords
  • Being safer online
  • Transferring files
  • Checking for problems
  • Starting at the beginning

If we are unable to help on the day, we can refer you to our other drop-ins or central support programme.

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