Regular Hirers Form & Supplementary Information

When completed, please return this form to: The Crystal Palace Community Trust, Anerley Town Hall, Anerley Road, London SE20 8BD or by email:

Space/Room Required:

Main Hall Lounge Library Meeting Room

Dates that you wish to book the space:

From:Click or tap to enter a date. To: Click or tap to enter a date.

*please note that Thursday evenings are the only evening available for sessions which are not weekly e.g. monthly/quarterly

Is your activity term-time only?

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Access Times:

From: To:

*halls will be opened and closed according to these times so please allow for setting up and clearing down time

Type of activity:

Approximate number of people expected to attend:

Noise levels:

On a scale of 1-5 with 1 being quiet and 5 loud, how loud do you expect your activity to be?

Will you be playing music?

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*please note that we hold a PRS licence, so this is included in the price


Do you require tables and chairs?

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Number of tables required:

Number of chairs required:

*please note that we are unable to store equipment for our hirers

Please use this space to let us know about anything else that you feel is relevant to your booking:


Name of Hirer:


Contact Numbers







Rates are as follows:

Main Hall - £25p/h Lounge - £20p/h Library £40p/h Meeting/ Training Room £20 p/h

Payment can be made via BACS, by card over the phone or in person or by cash in person at Anerley Town Hall. BACS details are: sort code 40-05-35, account number 31345826.

Invoices will be sent out quarterly which means that invoices for the forthcoming three months are sent out at once. Hirers can pay for three months in advance or one month at a time. Payments must be received by the 1st of each month at the very latest. Payments made after this will be subject to a £30 administration fee.


To make your activity successful, it is essential that you promote it and make time to understand the area and the potential users. This information should be used to inform your prices unless you are bringing a readymade audience with you.

How you do this is entirely up to you and overall this is your responsibility, however we can list you on our website and display your publicity around the Town Hall:

We have a ‘What’s On’ Guide in our website. If you would like your activity to be listed, you will need to provide us with the following information:

· A high-quality image which represents your activity (ensuring that you have the relevant permissions if people are in the photo)

· A copy of your booking details as listed in 1.

· A sentence or two about your activity

· A contact email and or telephone number that you are happy to be made public.

· Your website URL if you have one and you would like us to make a link

This information should be emailed to:

We have noticeboards and a turnstile for flyers at the town hall. If you would like us to display one A4 poster and some flyers for you, please place them in an envelope and leave them at reception marked FAO the Marketing & Community Engagement Officer.


a. If your activity requires the audience to wear specialist footwear, this should be noted in the additional notes section above (trainers do not constitute specialist footwear)

b. The CPCT cannot store any equipment at Anerley Town Hall

c. The minimum hire period is one hour. All hire periods must include time required to set up and clear down.

d. Hall hire does not include use of the kitchen which must be hired separately.

e. All hirers must have necessary insurance in place before their hire period commences. Proof of insurance must be sent into the CPCT before bookings can be confirmed.

f. Hirers running activities which involve children and young people are expected to have safeguarding measures in place.

g. Regular hirers operating term time only may not cancel their booking on other weeks within the year due to the CPCT holding the slot during the school holidays which amounts to 13 weeks per year.

h. Hirers operating all year (i.e. not term time only) will be permitted to cancel up to 4 weeks within a year provided that one months’ notice is given. The CPCT reserves the right to charge for weeks which do not fulfil this condition.

i. The annual calendar for regular hirers ends on the last working day before Christmas Eve and commences on the first working day after New Years’ Day.

j. To terminate your booking 6 weeks’ notice must be given.

I confirm that I have read the terms and conditions of hire and that all details on this form are accurate.