Crystal Palace Community Trust (CPCT) has launched an exciting new intergenerational project aimed at bringing together young people from its youth club with elders from the local community. The project, which is part of CPCT's fundraising initiatives to support community projects for elders, has been received with great enthusiasm and is already making a positive impact.

The project involves young people from the Crystal Palace Youth Club working alongside elders from the CPCT-run Eagles Club, Warm Hub (in partnership with 60Up C.I.C.), and The Pineapple Club (run by Andrea Scale) to create a range of exciting activities and events. This has included everything from cooking and baking sessions to gardening and arts and crafts workshops.

The project aims to create a space where young people and elders can join to share skills, knowledge, and experiences. CPCT hopes to promote intergenerational understanding and provide a stronger sense of community.

Speaking about the project, a CPCT spokesperson said: "We are thrilled to launch this intergenerational project and see how it is already bringing together young people and elders in our community. We believe promoting intergenerational understanding can create a more inclusive and caring community. We are incredibly grateful to all the young people and elders who have signed up for this project and look forward to seeing how it continues to grow.

The intergenerational project is just one of many fundraising initiatives that CPCT is running to support community projects for elders. The Crystal Palace Community Trust is a non-profit organisation committed to supporting the local community by providing a range of services and activities, including youth clubs, community centres, and support for elders.