Crystal Palace Community Trust Launches Exciting Summer HAF and New Football Programme

Crystal Palace Community Trust (CPCT) has announced the launch of an exciting and engaging summer programme for young people. The trust is set to deliver a Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) programme alongside a brand new football initiative, offering a range of activities for children and teenagers aged 8-16.

The Summer Football Programme, taking place from the 5th to the 8th of August and the 19th to the 22nd of August, promises to be a professionally run and fun football session facilitated by qualified coaches. Young football enthusiasts attending the programme can look forward to practical sessions aimed at enhancing player development, daily competitions and challenges, including tournaments, as well as the opportunity to be scouted by local grassroots football clubs associated with the trust.

In addition to the football programme, CPCT is delivering a Holiday Activities and Food programme from Monday to Thursday, starting on the 29th of July and running through to the 22nd of August. This initiative offers a variety of enriching activities, trips across the UK, workshops, challenges, arts and crafts, board games, and e-sport games, ensuring that every young person in attendance will have the chance to participate in a range of fun and challenging activities.

Notably, CPCT is committed to creating an inclusive environment, offering free places to those in receipt of free school meals, with nutritious lunches provided for all attendees. Evidence may be requested for those seeking free places.

Both initiatives are a testament to Crystal Palace Community Trust’s dedication to providing meaningful and enjoyable opportunities for young people during the summer break. Parents and guardians are encouraged to secure places for their children in these professionally run and engaging programmes, ensuring that they have the chance to make the most of the summer holiday period.

For further details and to secure places, interested individuals can connect with Crystal Palace Community Trust directly. With the launch of these exciting summer programmes, CPCT is set to provide a memorable and impactful summer experience for young people in the community.