There's so much going on at Anerley Town Hall to celebrate this important month! The theme this year is Time for Change: Action Not Words! And this year we're acting.

Firstly our Art Club are getting involved. They'll be using various techniques, with Carlos our art teacher explaining

'the class will be exploring a technique mainly practised in the South of the African continent. There are a number of tribes that decorate their houses with abstract patterns geometric patterns. These patterns are often stylised representations of real objects and ideas that have a meaning or that are present in life.

Sometimes these can be very colourful, sometimes they are muted colours. The women paint the whole façade of the dwellings, and then they also dress up with matching colours, so the visual language is reflected in architecture and fashion too.

The club will also be making African Masks from cardboard. One of our tutors and her children created the beautiful mask in the article photos during lockdown for a school project. They really enjoyed the project and we can't wait to see all the artwork in the next couple of weeks.

Our youth club are also getting in on the action and while they are keeping their plans close to their chest we hear cooking and quizzing will be involved. We'll be reporting on how their plans go so watch this space.

Our Elders clubs aren't missing out either with talks planned around lunches and refreshments, what else? The lively Pineapple Club and the new but strong Warmhub group have invited me along to hear and enjoy some of their programmes. It's going to be lots of fun but we must remember that action is the focus. Looking forward as well as back.

This leads us nicely to the wonderful Monique and her campaign Aequalis: Equal Representation in Healthcare education

Monique is campaigning to improve maternity training resources so they represent black and brown skin tones as well as minority groups. We are thrilled she has agreed to be interviewed for our first CPCT podcast.

Come and join us as we learn about this important issue from someone who is out there making change!